List of Antimicrobial Database

Antimicrobial peptide databasePhytAMPAntimicrobial plant peptides
Antimicrobial peptide databaseDBAASPChemical, 3D structure and activity for experimentally evaluated antimicrobial peptides
Antimicrobial peptide databaseAPDAntibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antitumor peptides
Antimicrobial peptide databaseCAMPR3Sequences, structures and signatures of antimicrobial peptides
Antimicrobial peptide databaseDRAMPRepository of general AMPs, patented sequences and peptides in drug development
Antimicrobial peptide databaseAntiTbPdbExperimentally validated anti-tubercular peptides compiled from literature
Antimicrobial peptide databaseAVPdbExperimentally validated antiviral peptides
Antimicrobial peptide databaseParaPepExperimentally validated antiparasitic peptide sequences and their structures
Antimicrobial peptide databaseDADPManually curated database of antimicrobial and other defense peptides from frog
Antimicrobial peptide databaseBaAMPsBiofilm-active antimicrobial peptides
Antimicrobial peptide databaseLAMPAntimicrobial peptide with information about their antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity
Antimicrobial peptide databaseBACTIBASEBacteriocins with activity against various human and animal pathogens
Antimicrobial peptide databaseTHPdbFDA-approved peptide and protein therapeutics
Antimicrobial peptide databasePlantAFPPlant-origin antifungal peptides
Antimicrobial peptide databaseMimoDBPepository for therapeutic peptides
Antimicrobial peptide databaseYADAMPAntimicrobial peptides from all biological sources active against bacteria.
MoleculeAntibioticDBClinically relevent antibacterial compounds
MoleculeChemDBDatabase of small molecules and related chemoinformatics resources
MoleculeASDCDAntifungal synergistic drug combination
MoleculeDenvInDDengue virus inhibitors database
Drug TargetTDDKnown therapeutic protein and nucleic acid targets described in the literature
Drug TargetPfalDBDrug target and chemical database for Plasmodium falciparum
Drug TargetClostridium-DTDBRotential drug targets with their structural information from Clostridium difficile
Drug Targetsc-PDBThree-dimensional structures of druggable binding sites
Gene/ SequenceCARDDatabase of resistance genes, their products and associated phenotypes
Gene/ SequenceMEGAResHigh-Throughput Sequencing database
Gene/ SequenceVFDBDatabase of virulence factors of bacterial pathogens
Gene/ SequencePATRICConsistent annotations across all sequenced bacterial species
Gene/ SequenceMustardAntimicrobial resistance genes and AR Determinants
Gene/ SequenceBacMetantibacterial biocide and metal resistance genes
Gene/ SequenceMARDyDatabase of antifungal drug resistance mechanisms, including amino acid substitutions, tandem repeat sequences and genome ploidy
Gene/ SequenceFARME DBFunctional metagenomic antibiotic resistance (AR) gene elements
Gene/ Sequenceu-CAREAntibiotics with reported resistance, 107 genes, transcription factors and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) involved in multiple drug resistance
Gene/ SequenceARDBAnnotation of gene and resistance type