Antiviral Nanocomposites

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Multivalent Glycosylated NanostructuresEbola virus (EBOV) infectionHowever, new tridecafullerenes-in which the central alkyne scaffold of [60]fullerene is connected to 12 sugar-containing [60]fullerene units (total 120 mannoses)-exhibit an outstanding antiviral activity with IC50 in the sub-nanomolar range! The multivalent presentation of specific carbohydrates by using 3D fullerenes as controlled biocompatible carbon scaffolds represents a real advance, being currently the most efficient molecules in vitro against EBOV infection.28394600
Metal oxide microspheresAn antiviral activity higher than 2 log of reduction was also observed on H1N1 and HSV-1 virusesAntimicrobial activity of metal oxide microspheres: an innovative process for homogeneous incorporation into materials.29502354
BSA-nano-AgPotent anti-TB drugNature-inspired novel drug design paradigm using nanosilver: efficacy on multi-drug-resistant clinical isolates of tuberculosis.20936471
15 N [Cobalt Ferrite (0.3 CoFe2O4) + Silver chromite (0.7 Ag0.5Cr2.5O4)]The inhibitory activity of the tested sample against the hepatitis A virus was detected under these experimental conditions with a 50% effective concentration (EC50) = 408.14 The tested compound showed weak antiviral activity.35624524
Farnesol-Containing Nanoparticles (NPs) loaded with the natural bactericide farnesol (FSL NPs)the engineered nano-entities demonstrated strong antiviral properties and inhibited the spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 by up to 83%.The novel FSL NPs did not cause skin tissue irritation and did not induce the secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines in a 3D skin tissue model.These results support the potential of these bio-based nano-actives to replace the existing antibiotics and they may be used for the development of topical pharmaceutic products as Antibacterial, Antibiofilm, and Antiviral35886883