Antiviral Nanocomposites

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Multivalent Glycosylated NanostructuresEbola virus (EBOV) infectionHowever, new tridecafullerenes-in which the central alkyne scaffold of [60]fullerene is connected to 12 sugar-containing [60]fullerene units (total 120 mannoses)-exhibit an outstanding antiviral activity with IC50 in the sub-nanomolar range! The multivalent presentation of specific carbohydrates by using 3D fullerenes as controlled biocompatible carbon scaffolds represents a real advance, being currently the most efficient molecules in vitro against EBOV infection.28394600
Metal oxide microspheresAn antiviral activity higher than 2 log of reduction was also observed on H1N1 and HSV-1 virusesAntimicrobial activity of metal oxide microspheres: an innovative process for homogeneous incorporation into materials.29502354
BSA-nano-AgPotent anti-TB drugNature-inspired novel drug design paradigm using nanosilver: efficacy on multi-drug-resistant clinical isolates of tuberculosis.20936471
Copper Oxide Nanomaterial Derived from Momordica charantiaActivity against R2B virusBesides, the therapeutic potential of CuO NRs against Corynebacterium xerosis, Streptococcus viridians and R2B strain of Newcastle disease is reported for the first time.32368039